Jack Sellers | Chandler City Council | An Experienced Leader You Can Trust
There are many important challenges and issues that we face in Chandler.
I will work hard to make certain that the issues that are important to you
are addressed. Some of these include:
Image of policeman arresting young man with girlfriend looking on.
  • Safety First - Recent shootings, stabbings and
    other violent events in the east valley, remind us that
    the number one obligation of government is to protect
    its citizens. I have first hand experience in working
    with police and fire to make communities safer. We
    must have adequate police, fire and emergency
    services to protect our people. I am committed to
    making Chandler a safe city.
    Image of Jack Sellers discussing model of Chandler.
  • Strong Economy, Economic Growth and
    Quality Jobs –
    Poverty and the lack of jobs lead to
    crime, drug use, and the breakdown of individuals
    and families. Working with leaders in all areas of our
    economy, I will push for sensible policies that will
    build a strong sustainable economy and create
    better paying jobs for the people of Chandler. My
    background, experience and qualifications allow me
    to provide solutions for the economic issues
    we now face.
    Image of Teacher with a classful of students.
  • Excellent Educational Opportunities –
    Research shows that the more education a person
    receives the less likely they are to commit crime,
    use drugs and engage in abusive or harmful
    behavior. Education is essential in building strong
    individuals, strong families, and strong
    communities. Wherever possible I will work to
    promote excellent educational opportunities. It is
    one of the best ways we can invest in our children,
    in our people and in our future.
    Image of senior citizen couple walking.
  • Seniors – After giving many years of productive
    service to family, jobs, community and country, our
    seniors become some of the most vulnerable in
    society. Fraud, identity theft, violent crime, health
    care issues are just a few of the serious problems
    that seniors face. I am sensitive to the needs of
    seniors and will work hard to represent them and
    their families.
    Jack Sellers Endorsed
    by Chandler Leadership
    Photo of Jay Tibshraeny - Mayor of Chandler Arizona
    Jay Tibshraeny
    Mayor of Chandler
    "It is clear that Jack Sellers' background, education and experience, makes him uniquely qualified to represent you on the Chandler City Council."
    Photo of Steve Yarbrough - Arizona State Senator
    Steve Yarbrough
    Arizona State Senator
    "Jack is exactly the kind of person we need on the Chandler City Council and I'm fired up that he has decided to run."
    Photo of Jerry Brooks - Former Mayor of Chandler Arizona
    Jerry Brooks
    Former Mayor of Chandler
    "Jack has worked with us on many issues that are important to the City of Chandler over the past several years and I think he will make a great addition to the Chandler City Council."